Eden Garden

This is one of the largest cricket stadium in the world having a lash green sprawling ground which has been the Mecca of cricket. The stadium is presently owned by Cricket Association of Bengal. The present day gallery capacity of the stadium is about 93,000, with a posh Club House, a Conference Room and all other modern amenities. The spectator capacity of the stadium in 1966 was only 38,000 and the gallery was a total wooden structure at that time. At the time of handing over of the stadium in favour of C.A.B. in November, 1985, the spectator capacity was 78,000. In 1986, prior to Reliance World Cup, C.A.B. constructed 12,000 new seats. In 1995, C.A.B. increased the seating capacity by another 2800.In 1993, C.A.B. undertook construction of the towers for floodlight.

The Calcutta Cricket Club (C.C.C.) was the original occupier of the present day Eden Gardens in 1825 A.D. C.A.B. was born subsequently on 3-2-1928. The first Indian Team to play Cricket at the Eden Gardens was on 5th January, 1932, between Douglas Jardines' M.C.C. vs C.K. Naidu's Indian Team. On 3.7.57, C.A.B, made representation to the then State Government that the possession of the land at Eden Gardens be given to them. The State Government vide its memo No.4830-PL dated 12-12-57, for the first time, allowed the C.A.B. to use the Eden Gardens Cricket field and appurtenances thereto excepting the Ranji Stadium. In July, 1966, C.A.B. came up with the proposal for construction of iron structure, seating galleries at Eden Gardens.

In 1987, the Reliance World Cup Cricket Tournament was being held in India and the final match was held at Eden Gardens. The express condition for holding such final match of the tournament at Eden Gardens was that, C.A.B. should have absolute control over the land. The Government of West Bengal relinquished its right over 14.99 acres of Eden Gardens land in favour of the Defence Ministry. C.A.B. thereafter obtained lease of the Eden Gardens from the Ministry of Defence direct for 5 years in 1987. The Lease Agreement with Defence Ministry was renewed in 1992 and then in 1997.

Till 1987, The Eden Gardens was also used for holding football matches. In fact, the First Nehru Cup Football Tournament inaugural match was held here presided over by Late Prime Minister of India, Smt. Indira Gandhi.

Today's Eden Garden has been the paradise of cricket, where almost all the luminaries of cricket - past and present, have played.