Kho Kho

There is no proof about exact origin of the game KHO KHO. The game was played in the simplest form with some basic rules which guided this game. But it was played at different places with different rules and names. In WEST BENGAL we know the game in the name of "DARIA BANDA". In the year 1914 the first code of rules were framed by some KHO KHO experts of "DECCAN GYMKHANA" Of Pune. In the year 1928 to promote Indian game "THE AKHIL MAHARASHTRA SHARIRIK SHIKSHAN MONDAL" was formed. For further development of the game KHO KHO a committee of experts studied the game and submitted their recommendation to A.M.S.S.M in 1933. In the year 1935 for the first time KHO KHO rules was published in the form of BOOK. The second edition of the rules book with some modification was published in 1949 with more exact form.